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• 7/18/2018

Character sub-pages

If you take a look at any character pages on this wiki, there are links to their sub-pages for relationships and image galleries.

I originally made it this way for two reasons:
1. Some pages already had them when I adopted the wiki, so I made more to keep consistency.
2. The pages were also very long, so I thought splitting up the articles into multiple pages would help reduce the wall of text.

However, now I think these sub-pages are under developed, and it's just bumping up the page count for no reason. So I considered merging them into a single article.

This is a pretty drastic decision. It will reduce our page count and make character pages even longer. So I made a poll at our front/main page. I made a poll here as well, since mobile users won't see the poll. The total votes will be added after enough votes/feedback is received.

So, what will it be? Merge the pages into a single article, or leave them as it is?
Merge sub-pages or keep them
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• 8/15/2018
Update: While this post had no votes, the other poll (now archived) was in favor of merging the articles. With that, character relationships and gallery will be moved to their main page.

I will be moving content and deleting pages over the next few days. The page count will drop, but that's okay. We still have a few more song articles to add for the wiki.
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