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IdeaFan128 IdeaFan128 20 May 2020

Magical Source! Mystic Force!

You remember those April Fool's Day posters from 2016 and 2017? They were parodies of the in-universe title "Fairies Story 3", but with New Game! character's! Or, they're developers? I guess? But they were a nice treat that came along with the anime, but then I came across this epic poster by an artist known as "Takefumi". This poster seriously makes me wish we had a fantasy season of New Game!, with magic and wizardry.

Takefumi's Twitter Page -

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IICosmixII IICosmixII 5 February 2020

Let's Go! Review!!

Hey, guys! If you've at least popped on a little bit, you may have seen me before. I'm Cosmix: a new admin for this Wiki, and recently I am taking on the goal of completing this place!

Well, what do I mean by this?

This Wiki has a pretty good foundation so far, and seems to have noted most of everything relevant for the first two seasons of the show. However, the manga is still going strong, and hence the pages are out of date, which includes new characters and locations! The goal of this wiki is to:

-Finish the manga pages

-Update the character pages

-Complete episodes

-English Song Translations

-Eliminate stubs!

Now breakdown of each:

Finish the manga pages - these are the summaries of each other chapters in each volume. Last year, I completed Vo…

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IdeaFan128 IdeaFan128 23 January 2020

Something I Need To Say...

This is something I need to say. Am I the only the one that think's that the song "I'll Be There for You" by The Rembrandts, which you might recognize as the theme song from the popular sitcom "Friends" fits New Game! pretty well?

I don't know why but every time I listen to this song, I always picture the theme song as an opening featured in the anime adaptation and the girls dancing around and in the iconic fountain from the original opening of Friends. Yeah, it's probably just me that think's that.

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 1 January 2019

November-December Overview

As it turns out, Hajime's birthday falls on New Years. Happy birthday! This is probably the final overview I'm making, so let's compile everything that happened on this wiki throughout the year. what I should've done. In the middle of typing this, I became lazy and ditched the idea of compiling all my monthly overview blogs. It's all linked above anyways. Feel free to read them all.

As you saw from my previous blogs, I'm not that active here anymore. I'm still active on other wikis, but I probably won't be editing here anytime soon. I'm basically 'retiring' myself from this wiki. If anyone wants to take over and become the new admin here, leave a message on my wall. If I don't respond, just do what I did and adopt the wiki.

If you wanna…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 1 November 2018

September-October Overview

In case it wasn't obvious, I'm not that active here anymore. At the very least, I want to do these (sort of) monthly blogs. Hopefully, I can do this until the end of the year.

  • Volume 3 of the New Game! manga has been released in English.
  • Christina Wako Yamato celebrated her birthday.
  • /r/NewGame/ hosted a re-watch of the series (It's currently ongoing. Join in on the fun!).
  • Volume 8 has been released in Japan.

And now for things that didn't happen (mostly wiki related):

  • Merging character pages with their sub-pages (Busy with other wikis and IRL stuff)
  • Rewriting character pages (I was lazy)
  • Finishing up the episode plots (Literally only one episode left for season 1)

Not sure how November and December will look like. Regardless, I'll still be around. …

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 1 September 2018

August Overview

Another slow month. Regardless, here's what happened on the wiki.

For those who missed the last blog, I talked about merging character pages and their sub-pages into a single article. Progress has been made on a few articles, and will continue this month. Due to this, the page-count will drop, but we can add more content in the future.

Updates to episode pages were put on hold, but will continue this month. Shouldn't be too hard. There's only one episode left for season 1 (2 if you include OVA), and the screenshots of the episode have been uploaded already.

While not exactly wiki related, the New Game! community celebrated Ko Yagami's birthday on August 2nd. Hopefully, I didn't miss anyone's birthday last month.

On a side note, I made a poll b…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 31 July 2018

June-July Overview

Since there was a lack of activity, I decided to combine June and July's overview. Here's what happened during these two months.

  • 1 Wiki updates
  • 2 Notable Updates
  • 3 Other stuff
  • 4 Closing remarks

The wiki has been linked to its Spanish variant. However, the Spanish wiki is pretty dead (much like this one). I'd help out, but I can't speak Spanish. I could use Google Translate, but I'm not sure how accurate the translation are. We invite anyone who understands Spanish to help out the wiki.

Speaking of wiki, our site name has changed from New Game! Wikia to New Game! Wiki. There's not much to explain here.

I also added an affiliation with the SHIROBAKO Wiki. I've been meaning to do this for a long time now. It made sense, since New Game! and Shirobako share …

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 1 June 2018

May Overview

Looks like it's time for another one of these. Let's get right to it!

New Game! News: Nenecchi, Naru, and Shizuku celebrated their birthdays this month (although only Nene's b'day was announced on Twitter). Seven Seas Entertainment released New Game! Volume 2 in English. And... that's it, I think. Moving on.

Community news: Some new images have been added to three episode pages. Horoscopes have been added to character pages. I made an affiliates section on the main page. That's about it.

Yeah, it's another slow month. But here are some of my plans for the wiki that may or may not happen anytime soon:

  • Linking the Spanish wiki with this one.
  • Adding images to the rest of the episode pages.
  • Finish up the plot/summary/synopsis section.

As always, feel f…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 1 May 2018

April Overview

April has been a pretty slow month. Couldn't find the time to edit a lot of stuff here, since I was busy with other wikis. But don't worry, I'm still keeping tabs on this place. Anyways, let's see what happened last month.

One of the major changes we made was to change the theme of the wiki from yellow to purple. So far, I haven't heard any response, so I'm assuming people are okay with this. NEW GAME!! Drama CD 3 has been released. Too bad I can't understand Japanese. I did the whole rewrite to Ko Yagami's page as well. Someone made an interesting fanfic, too (Please avoid doing this in the future. You can do it on you profile or create a fanon wiki for this stuff).

And... that's about it. Like I said, it was a slow month. Hopefully, I can …

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 1 April 2018

March Overview

Chill guys, there's no April Fools joke here. Just another blog post.

The most prominent news this month was the release of Volume 7 and the official English translation for Volume 1. And I think all the BDs for New Game!! have been released? Not entirely sure about this one, since I can't read Japanese (and Google Translate decided to go derp on me). Can't think or remember anything else, so let's move on to the community news.

So last month, a poll was made to see if people prefer the official spellings of characters (Hazime, Iizima, Momizi, etc.) or the original names (Hajime, Iijima, Momiji, etc). Unless there were some last minute votes while I was typing this blog, the original names won the vote. Since nobody was complaining, the west…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 1 March 2018

February Overview

Looks like another month has gone by. Time for another blog!

New Game! News: Admin did not update the news template Nothing too notable this month. Aoba celebrated her birthday last month (Yay!). New Game!! Drama CD 2 and NEW GAME!! CHARACTER SONG CD Rank.6 have been released as well. And now for the community news.

Not much was done compared to last month, but there were some noticeable changes. Namely, we changed the character names. Following the previous poll results, character pages were renamed to use the western format. Since we were renaming the pages anyways, I figured we could rename a few characters to their official names (according to this website), although some pages were changed to their old names. Maybe I made the decision too …

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 1 February 2018

January Overview

It's been around two weeks or so since I became admin here, and a lot of updates were made during that time.

For starters, I updated the look of main page to a more 'flat' design, and according to the poll (which is now archived), most users like the new look. I also made a discussion whether to use the current Japanese naming order, or go with the Western naming order. Surprisingly, the latter won the vote. I'll give a few more days for people to discuss this. If there are no objections by then, we'll begin renaming the character pages.

Speaking of character pages, we added some tabs to the top of character pages so it links to their respective relationships and gallery sub-pages (which we had to create). This (along with new song articles,…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 13 January 2018

New Admin

Hi everyone! I'm BrainDeadZero, your new admin! A few days ago, I posted a blog here regarding my plans to adopt the wiki. As you can see, there was no response (lol). So I went ahead and made an adoption request at Community Central and got my admin and bureaucrat rights. I hope everyone is okay with this decision!

So, what are my plans? Currently, I'm working on a new look for the home/main page of this wiki. It should be up and running soon. I also made a wordmark for the wiki awhile back, which will also be uploaded soon. I don't think I'll be changing the color theme of the wiki, but I might change the background. I guess we'll see.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or post a message on my wall. Have a great d…

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BrainDeadZero BrainDeadZero 4 January 2018

Adoption Plans

Hi everyone! I'm BrainDeadZero, a wiki-er since November 2016. I joined this community about a year later and have been adding a bunch of content since then. As the title suggests, I'm looking to seek admin rights for the wikia to help with organization, projects, and what not. I made this blog to see what the community thinks. If I get favorable response (if any), I'll post an adoption request at Community Central. I'm also an admin at Sankarea Wiki, if you are curious to see what I can do for this wikia.

Looking forward to hearing your responses?

P.S. I made a (not so) quick logo for the wikia. What do you guys think of it? Does it need improvement?


Update: It looks like nobody is here, so I went ahead and posted an adoption request .

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