Chinatsu Hidaka (日高 ちなつ Hidaka Chinatsu) is the Art Club advisor of Hotaru Hoshikawa, Aoba Suzukaze and Nene Sakura. She is also the homeroom teacher for Hotaru's class, 3-3.

Appearance Edit

Although her age is unknown, she appears to be in her early to mid twenties. She has a rather busty and healthy figure, most likely due to her involvement in sports.

Personality Edit

Chinatsu is a nice, active teacher. She is always ready to help and good at giving advises to her students and the Art Club members. She's also active in sports and ironically have no art skills despite being the Art Club adviser.

Plot (Manga) Edit

Spin- Off (Volume 5)

Chinatsu meets Aoba and Nene when Aoba wanted to asks the former about Art schools. She congratulated Hotaru about having new club members when the latter stated that she's also looking for an Art College. She, then, started advising Aoba by stating that the latter should ask Hotaru to teach her. She pointed at Hotaru's work at the two and started prasing Hotaru while downgrading herself. While Hotaru, Aoba and Nene formally introduce theirselves to each other, Chinatsu jotted down their names forcing Aoba and Nene to join the Art Club.

Aoba asks about the other art club members and Chinatsu told Aoba and Nene that Hotaru is the only member and the club is in the brink of disbandedment. Hotaru stated than Chinatsu is coerced on becoming the art club advisor. She listened when Hotaru and Aoba talks about working hard and thought that the two become close faster than expected. Nene joins the two and Chinatsu felt like she's left out.

While Hotaru, Aoba and Nene, Chinatsu started getting bored. An insect manage to distrupt her vision and Chinatsu started trying to kill it. She was asked by Hotaru to be quiet and act like a proper teacher. Chinatsu started surveying the sketches and stopped at Nene's cause it is small. She asked Nene what she'll do with all the free spaces and Nene cut the paper and told her that there's no problem. Aoba picked up the conversation by stating that using an easel is very tiring, Hotaru agreed with the latter and Chinatsu told them that they should train their body and said yes when the two asks if it's the reason why she play baseball. Chinatsu suggested that they do some push-ups. Afterwards, Chinatsu stopped the three from continuing and told them to go home.

Days after, Chinatsu joined the students in playing dodgeball on class 3 side. Nene asked her why and she said that she's in charge of dodgeball. She force Hotaru to do the jumpball. She congratulated Hotaru for managing to secure the ball and took Nene out when the latter was consoling Aoba. When Aoba planned to pass the ball to Nene, Chinatsu manage to take it and took another person in Aoba's team out. Minutes after, Chinatsu was taken out by Aoba when the former failed to hold the passed ball.