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Christina Wako Yamato (大和・クリスティーナ・和子 Yamato Kurisutīna Wako) is a French producer who works directly under Eagle Jump's publisher. She is one of the few people who have a higher authority than Shizuku Hazuki.


Yamato has long olive green hair that is often tied into a single ponytail with bangs hanging on the left side and green eyes.

She wears red glasses and usually wears a suit.


Christina looks stoic outside, but she tends worry a lot and she's a little bit of a crybaby. She easily blames herself to things she have no control over, is easily embarrassed and has a fear of being touched.


Christina was born from a family where the father is full Japanese and the mother is half French. She gained her Haphephobia while living in France mostly because of her relatives, especially her sisters, tend to go overboard with greetings. She left France for Japan because of her love for Japanese games.


Christina's full name can be easily misread and misunderstood. Considering Japanese don't usually give two given names and both "Wako" and "Yamato" are used as such, her name order is confusing. "Yamato" is in fact her Surname and "Wako" is her second given name.

  • The name Christina means "follower of Christ" in Greek.
  • Christina's middle name Wako means "harmony, peace" (和) (wa) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Christina's surname Yamato means "big, great" (大) (yama) and "harmony, peace" (和) (to).


  • Although Christina is listed as a new character from Season 2 of the anime, she first appears at episode 12 of Season 1 (She also appears in the OVA).
  • Chapter 38 is Christina's official appearance with an introduction. However, the first exact appearance is in chapter 31.
  • Christina is the tallest character in the series.