Ko Yagami (八神 コウ Yagami Kō) is the lead character designer of Eagle Jump. She was the character designer for the game that inspired Aoba to become one herself. Her name is spelled Kou Yagami.

Appearance Edit

Kou has long blond hair and light blue eyes. She keeps her outfit simple with a plain black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. She is sometimes seen wearing her work lanyard.


Ko's character sheet

Personality Edit

Though she has a laid-back attitude, brutally honest, dense, a sweet tooth and somewhat a goofball; she is a genius at character designing, quite stern and a bit of perfectionist. Kou often works overnight to complete her work and sleeps at the office. She gets easily drunk and is also Rin's close friend.

It is implied by Rin that Kou's goofball and laid-back attitude is the latter's coping mechanism as a result of the suffering incurred from being bullied.

History Edit

Rough Start Edit

Ko is based in Tokyo. She joined Eagle Jump at the age of 18, straight out of high school. In the same year, a contest was held to determine the game Eagle Jump will develop. Having won this contest, Ko was made the Lead Character Designer, and the development of Fairies Story began. However, some were not happy having a junior as their boss. In addition to her personality, Ko was often bullied and had no friends aside from Rin, and later Hifumi.

Despite low expectations, Fairies Story was a success, and Ko became the 'face of the game'. She was promoted to Art Director for its sequel, but her strict behavior caused a new employee to quit after only working for half a year. Depressed, she stepped down from the role of Art Director and became the Lead Character Designer once again. In the end, Fairies Story 2 was still a massive success. She refuses to become the Art Director for Fairies Story 3, although she was made Character Team Leader.

The Apprentice Edit

Ko left quite a lasting impression when a new employee began working: Aoba discovers her sleeping half-naked under a desk. Regardless, she does her best and guides her newbie. Since Aoba has no experience with 3D modeling, Ko gives her a reference book on the subject and checks in on her progress once in a while. She even helps Aoba get closer with her colleagues when she spots her struggling to approach them.

Noticing quick progress on her training, Ko assigns Aoba to make a villager model. Aoba is then given a taste of Ko's high standards when her drafts were rejected multiple times, though she has her reasons. She has high expectations from Aoba. After some motivation from Rin, Aoba submits a model that Ko can accept. As the development of Fairies Story 3 continues, she assigns more tasks for Aoba and the rest of the Character Team. Eventually, she gives Aoba the task of creating an important NPC from scratch.

Letting Go Edit

Ko is sometimes seen as she wishes for things to stay as it is: Rin as the Art Director and her as the Character Designer. However, they both know that people must move on, and Rin suggests that Ko takes on the role as Art Director again. Ko refuses, although she seems to support the idea of Aoba becoming a character designer, wanting her to be more proactive.

After the development of Fairies Story 3 has concluded, the company celebrates its completion. Shizuku reveals that Rin has been planning to become a producer, and Ko is asked to become the Art Director one more. This time, she receives support from Aoba and eventually accepts the role.

Déjà Vu Edit

After it was decided that their next work is an original title, a competition was held to determine the character designs. With years of experience under her belt, she joins the competition, along with Aoba. However, having only worked on the Fairies Story franchise, her artwork was deemed too similar and they were all rejected. Aoba's unintentional submission was chosen instead. Upset, she vents her frustration at Aoba. Realizing what she has done, she cools off at the roof.

Rin remarks that her outburst was similar to when Ko first started: a junior winning the competition and becoming the character designer, and seniors unhappy with the decision. She advises Ko to decide where she wants Aoba to end up. With this in mind, Ko approaches Aoba and resolved their issues. With a final draft compete, Aoba officially became the Character Designer for their new game, PECO.

Moving Forward Edit

While Aoba lacks knowledge in more technical topics, she does a majority of the character designing. This leaves Ko with more free time, and she wonders if she is a better Art Director this time. According to Rin, Shizuku initially wanted Ko to do the character designs at first but chose Aoba since she thought it would make Ko do something better. Instead, Ko teamed up with Aoba and brought something beyond her expectations, and Rin notes how much she changed from the past.

After a while, Ko and Hazuki invite Hifumi to discuss her replacing Ko as the Character Team Leader. Hifumi was initially hesitant, but Ko assures that she is skilled enough to take the position. Trusting Ko's judgment, Hifumi is appointed the Character Team Leader. Since Ko is well aware of Hifumi's personality, she helps her out once in a while. She also continues to make sure the team is under control with their new leader.

At one point, Aoba struggles to create a design for PECO's final boss. Since it has been a while, she offers to help take care of minor character designs while Aoba focuses on the boss. Although it took her some time, Aoba completes her design and compares it with what Ko would have made.

Experience Edit

With PECO's alpha version nearly complete, a key visual is needed to promote their new title. However, it was decided that Ko would be the one to draw it since they believed it would promote sales. Ko is upset with the decision, and a heated debate ensued. Aoba then suggests a competition between her and Ko. With no objections, a deadline was set.

Despite all her efforts, Aoba was no match against Ko's eight years of experience as a designer. Realizing that she will lose, Aoba broke down in tears as Ko consoles her. Despite this, she continues to finish her task, still in tears as Ko watches on. Seeing Aoba work hard to complete her design made Ko realize that she cannot fall behind. As the development of PECO reaches its conclusion, Ko approaches Christina to discuss her plans.

New Game! Edit

With the development of PECO finally complete, the company hosts an event at a game exhibition, with Ko giving a speech. During her speech, she takes an opportunity to introduce Aoba as the Character Designer of PECO, giving her recognition. After the ceremony concludes, Ko surprises everyone by announcing that she is leaving Eagle Jump to work at a French company. On the day of her departure, Aoba meets Ko one last time to voice her feelings. With their other co-workers arriving, they give Ko a final farewell.

Relationships Edit

Umiko Ahagon Edit

Umiko is Kou's co-worker who she likes to call by her last name which always results with her getting head-shots from the latter. The two are close enough that they engage in a drinking contest and a duel.

Rin Toyama Edit

Rin is Kou's close friend to the point that the latter acts more like a mother to her. It is also noticeable that Rin has a huge crush on Kou which she is painfully unaware of. Possibly the only person in the company that doesn't notice Rin's feelings; as Shizuku, Hifumi and Yun are shown to be aware of it, although Aoba might be aware of it as well.

Shizuku Hazuki Edit

Shizuku is Kou's superior. She likes the Rin/Kou tandem in the extent that she supports, teases and even set the mood for the two.

Aoba Suzukaze Edit

Aoba is Kou's supervisee. She admitted that Kou's the reason for her becoming a Character Designer. She's the one who successfully persuaded Kou on becoming the Art Director.

Hifumi Takimoto Edit

When Hifumi started, she and Kou doesn't really talk to each other until one time when Kou called her. Hifumi replaced Kou as the Character Team Leader after admittedly said that she trust the latter.

Yun Iijima Edit

Yun, even though being Kou's subordinate, there isn't much interaction between them. Kou entasked Yun in making 3D models for monsters.

Hajime Shinoda Edit

Hajime, being a motion designer, isn't really handled by Kou until Kou become the Art Director. Kou sometimes uses Hajime's collections as a reference for character designs.

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