Momiji Mochizuki (望月 紅葉(もちづき もみじ) Mochizuki Momiji) is an intern graphic artist who works at Eagle Jump. She joined at the same time as Tsubame Narumi.

Appearance Edit

She has red hair and a rather busty body, almost opposite to Aoba in just about every way, from physique to personality. She also has blue eyes and ties some of her hair towards her left side.

Personality Edit

In contrast to Aoba, she is usually a quiet, solemn and stoic person, to the point that jokes tend to go over her head. Unlike Hifumi she isn't afraid of talking to people, she just views it as mostly unnecessary. However, she loves to eat and tends to eat large meals. She takes her rivalry with Aoba seriously, but can be a bit of a slob when at home.

History Edit

She and Tsubame grew up in Hokkaido. She is aware of Tsubame's family dispute regarding her entering the gaming industry. It is unknown if she played a part in convincing them to allow Tsubame to join Eagle Jump.

Trivia Edit

  • Although she officially appears in Volume 6 of the manga, there is a glimpse of her on Volume 4 Chapter 51.
  • The meaning of her name is "Red Leaves". Similar to Aoba Suzukaze, which means "Blue/Green Leaves".
    • Momiji (紅葉) translates to autumn color leaves or leaves turning red, i.e red leaves. Kurenai () translates to crimson or deep red.