"So This is an Adult Drinking Party..." (これが大人の飲み会.... "Kore ga Otona no Nomikai...") is the second episode of the New Game! anime.

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After seeing pictures of Hifumi with her pet hedgehog Sojiro, Aoba tries to help her smile more naturally. Shortly after Aoba begins her first job, creating NPC villager models for the game, the others take her out to a drinking party to celebrate her joining the team. As Aoba tries to deal with her co-workers being drunk, Hifumi has her order some alcohol, almost letting her drink some herself.

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It seems that Hajime likes magical girl shows as she shows off this wand.

Hajime expresses interest in magical girl shows

After an inner monologue introducing her coworkers, Aoba continues her work until lunch. Yun and Hajime invite her for lunch, but she rejects their offer to complete her work. Yun gives her a snack to stave of her hunger, and eats it after completing her tasks. Aoba asks Hifumi if she is hungry, but she replies that she had eaten her breakfast with her friend, Sojiro. She wonders about it and Hifumi shows the photo. Aoba is surprised that Sojiro is hedgehog and praises Hifumi’s smile on photo. She gets shocked and tells her to forget it by offering money.

It looks like she will be eating lunch with her friends

It looks like she will be eating lunch with her friends

Aoba comments that Hifumi has a wonderful smile, and encourages her to do so. She tries to smile but is embarrassed. Aoba helps and tells her to smile using Sojiro’s photo. Kou finds them strange and gives Aoba a rice ball. Hifumi pats Aoba’s head as her way of eating is similar to Sojiro. At home, Hifumi tries to smile at Sojiro, but it hides to its cage. Next morning, Hifumi eats at the cafeteria and remarks that Soujiro dislikes her smile.

Adult Drinking Party

Adult Drinking Party

After checking in on Aoba's progress, Kou is satisfied and gives her a task: creating villager models. Later, they arrive at a restaurant to celebrate Aoba's welcoming party. Kou states that the company is paying all the expenses, and they can eat and drink as much as they want. Shen then teases her by giving her a spicy takoyaki. Yun mocks her because she is still under-aged to drink alcohol, but sees that Hifumi can handle her liquor.

Looks like Rin drank a bit too much

Looks like Rin drank a bit too much

After a while, Shizuku enters and comments on her fast progress and her first assignment, and leaves after a quick bite. A drunken Kou asks if Aoba has boyfriend, who quickly denies it. She asks the same question to Kou, who claims she is too busy to date anyone. Rin says Kou has drunk too much, but she ends up drunk anyway. Rin requests Aoba to pour beer, but is unsatisfied with her method and asks Kou to demonstrate. Later, Hifumi asks Aoba to place an order for her. She struggles with pronouncing their names, as well as the terms used. She notes how expensive alcohol is.

The After Party

The After Party

Hifumi receives her drink and Aoba speculates its taste. Hifumi nervously offers a sip but stops when the waitress arrives. The waitress informs her that it is last call and asks if they have any more orders. While the others place their orders, Hifumi texts Aoba and advises her to not drink as she is underage. With the party over, Hajime helps send Yun home while Hifumi has already left. Aoba, Kou, and Rin visit a bar together. Aoba doesn’t want to drink alcohol and orders “Orange Blossom”, thinking it is a juice; Kou clarifies that it is alcoholic.

After a long night, Aoba returns home and receives a call from Nene. Nene complains that her classmates treat her like a middle schooler. Aoba says it would happen because of her appearance and attitude. Nene asks what she has been doing since she joined Eagle Jump. She explains that she has been learning what adults do, such as ordering alcohol; she later states that she is working on 3D models of Kou's designs. Nene jokingly asks if they are working on Fairies Story 3, and is shocked to find out it is true.

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  • The episode adapted a brief flashback of chapter 11, chapter 10, the flashback of chapter 4, chapter 5, and the beginning of chapter 7, in that order.

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  • The restaurant has a sign 'Flac' with a sun behind it. 'Flac' could be referencing FLAC, a lossless audio format.
  • The sign also has a heading that reads 'Karaoke & Dining', stating that the restaurant also provides karaoke services.

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