Shizuku Hazuki (葉月しずく Hazuki Shizuku) is the director of Eagle Jump, and is essentially the boss for the majority of the cast.

Appearance Edit

Shizuku Hazuki has long, gray hair and amber-brown eyes. She wears crimson-rimmed glasses, and a white dress. She will sometimes wear a grayish turtle-neck sweater.

Personality Edit

Hazuki tends to be very calm and cheerful, and loves her pet cat, Mozuku, though she leaves him unsupervised throughout the office most of the time. She can be a bit perverted or obsessive over certain things or people, and is sometimes lazy and acts as a goofball; but is generally very kind and polite.

She is sometimes seen as irresponsible, not attending meetings and changing game specs on a whim. This usually infuriates Umiko, who will shoot her or flick her forehead.

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