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Shizuku Hazuki (葉月しずく Hazuki Shizuku) is the director of Eagle Jump who is essentially the boss for the majority of the cast.



Shizuku has waist-length gray hair that has square bangs hanging over her eyebrows, amber-brown eyes and round crimson-rimmed glasses.

She wears a white dress, but she will sometimes wear a grayish turtle-neck sweater.


Hazuki tends to be a very calm and cheerful young woman who can be a bit perverted or obsessive over certain things or people, and is sometimes lazy and acts as a goofball; but she is generally very kind and polite.

She is sometimes seen as irresponsible, not attending meetings and changing game specs on a whim. This usually infuriates Umiko Ahagon, who will shoot her or flick her forehead.


At an unknown time, Shizuku got the role of Director where she seems to have had this role at Eagle Jump for many years.


Fairies Stories Party[]

As opposed to the anime, Shizuku is introduced later in the manga. At the Fairies Stories 3 after-production party, she gives a speech thanking all the people who helped both from the start or joined them along the way as they all contributed to progress of the company.

Afterwards, Kou Yagami introduces Aoba Suzukaze to Shizuku and the first thing that she comments is that she looks exactly like the Sophie, she says that she has been watching Aoba from a distance and did not design her to look like Aoba and then kill her off. But on the brighter side, Sophie has become popular, which might be why Kou gave her the job in the first place. Kou denies it, calling it a coincidence and explains she thought it would fun if she gave it to her, Hazuki says that she will leave that at that.

In actual fact, Shizuku plans to make Kou the Art Director for the future, and hopes that Aoba will keep working with her, Kou is shocked by the news and asks why Rin cannot keep that. She explains that she is going to have Rin work with the current producer and she wants that as well. Kou does not think people would be able to keep up with her, and Shizuku tells her to think it over.

Shizuku later poses the question of why Kou is so against becoming the new AD, Aoba is confused by this and explains that she was the Art Director in the past, but it was a bitter experience as she got too good and became harsher on her colleagues, to the point that one employee quit after just six months. She had someone take her role for the rest of 2, and refused working as it on the third game. Aoba says that she was probably nice back then, because otherwise she would not have felt remorse about losing someone like that, Shizuku agrees. She sends Aoba off to find Kou and says to herself that she thinks Kou has found some great subordinates.


  • The name Shizuku is written in hiragana (しずく), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (雫, 滴, 静紅, 静玖, 静空, 静久, 滴玖, 志津久 or 詩寿玖), it could possibly mean:
    • 雫/滴 - "drop/droplet, trickle, drip/dripping, bead, drib/driblet, globule, blob".
    • 静紅 - "quiet" (静) (shizu) and "crimson, deep red" (紅) (ku).
    • 静玖 - "quiet" (静) (shizu) and "beautiful black jewel, nine" (玖) (ku).
    • 静空 - "quiet" (静) (shizu) and "sky" (空) (ku).
    • 静久 - "quiet" (静) (shizu) and "long time" (久) (ku).
    • 滴玖 - "drip, drop" (滴) (shizu) and "beautiful black jewel, nine" (玖) (ku).
    • 志津久 - "will, purpose" (志) (shi), "haven, port, harbor, ferry" (津) (tsu/zu) and "long time" (久) (ku).
    • 詩寿玖 - "poem" (詩) (shi), "longevity, congratulations, one's natural life" (寿) (su/zu) and "beautiful black jewel, nine" (玖) (ku).
  • Shizuku's surname Hazuki means "leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece" (葉) (ha) and "moon" (月) (tsuki/zuki).


  • Shizuku has a tendency to call everyone ”-kun”, even though most of her workers (or all of them) are female, but "-kun" can be used by a manager if they are working under them, no matter the gender.
  • Shizuku loves Mozuku (Shizuku's pet cat), although she leaves him unsupervised throughout the office most of the time.