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This is a (somewhat) quick overview of what users can do to help out the New Game! Wiki. For advanced users, consider using Special:Specialpages.

Character pages

A lot of character pages could use an overhaul, especially in the history and plot section. A draft/example can be seen on Aoba Suzukaze and Ko Yagami. We would love to hear some feedback, so leave a comment or contact a director if you have any opinions or suggestions!


We could use some help to finish up the manga pages. Progess:

Anime episodes

There are 25 episode articles on New Game! Wiki (12 episodes per season + 1 OVA). Most plot details were copied from the manga (which were copied from the plot section of character pages), so it may need some minor changes or be rewritten entirely if needed.


  • Episode 1-11 (Season 1) - More or less complete. Could probably use a proofread.
  • Episode 12 (Season 1) - Stalled for quiet a while. About halfway done.
  • Everything else - Stub. Needs content.

See Category:Anime for links to all episode pages.

Additional notes

  • The anime pages could also use some screenshots (preferably sourced from the Blu-rays in 1920x1080, and with a .png format). Screenshots should not contain any subtitles, unless they were present in the raws.


Create articles for New Game! related music. Add lyrics to relevant pages. The infobox is not portable, so our director is currently figuring out what to do stuck.


Address other issues such as wanted pages, orphaned pages, Dead-end pages and Broken redirects.

Spanish wiki

A Spanish New Game! wiki exists, though it is underdeveloped in comparison. While we have no control there, we encourage Spanish-speaking users to give them a helping hand.

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