Tsubame Narumi (鳴海 ツバメ Narumi Tsubame) is girl who joined Eagle Jump as an intern programmer during the story's second year.

Appearance Edit


Tsubame has black hair that she ties her hair in a ponytail on the right side by a blue ribbon with bangs swept to the right side while there is a strand on the left side that has a small blue bead on it and yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

Tsubame is a laid-back, outgoing and caring girl. However, she looks down on people that got their job through connections instead of experience and skills. This is seen when she treats Nene Sakura coldly, as Tsubame assumed she received her job through her connections with Umiko Ahagon.

Momiji Mochizuki describes her as a dependable older sister; being able to clean laundry, cook meals and do the majority of their chores.

History Edit

Tsubame grew up in Hokkaido and went to the same school as Momiji Mochizuki. She has been studying programming since middle school. It is revealed that her parents were against her entering the gaming industry, as they wanted her to take over their inn. After much effort, Tsubame manages to convince them to let her attend a vocational school. However, she is not sent any money, so she has to work part time jobs to pay her living expenses, in addition to going to school and working.

Etymology Edit

  • Tsubame's surname Narumi means "ringing" (鳴) (naru) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).

Trivia Edit

  • Although Tsubame officially appears in Volume 6 of the manga, there is a glimpse of her on Volume 4 Chapter 51.
  • Tsubame currently lives with Momiji Mochizuki.
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