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These are monthly blogs made by BrainDeadZero. They serve as a review of what has happened throughout the month, as well as announcements for any upcoming plans or events for the wiki.

It's been around two weeks or so since I became admin here, and a lot of updates were made during that time.

For starters, I updated the look of main page to a more 'flat' design, and according to the poll (which is now archived), most users like the new look. I also made a discussion whether to use the current Japanese naming order, or go with the Western naming order. Surprisingly, the latter won the vote. I'll give a few more days for people to discuss this. If there are no objections by then, we'll begin renaming the character pages.

Speaking of character pages, we added some tabs to the top of character pages so it links to their respective relationships and gallery sub-pages (which we had to create). This (along with new song articles, manga and anime episode pages) bumped our page count a fair bit. I also switched the old character infoboxes with a new one. Now, instead of using row1, row2, row312, etc; we have actual names for the data and labels.

We also made some CSS changes for the infoboxes, as well as the scrollbar. We are currently experimenting on a new music infobox, as the current infobox is not portable. We are using custom CSS to modify the infobox. You can see the current progress of the draft here. This is not the final design, so if you have any suggestions or have experience with infoboxes and CSS, leave a comment here or contact an admin.

At some point, we also made a wiki promotion at Community Central to attract new users. The blog can be found here. Feel free to check it out. A community to-do list was also created recently, which can be found here. If you wanna help the wiki grow, this is a good place to start!

Lastly, we created some navboxes for characters, music, and series, which is now in-use. The other two navboxes will be used on appropriate pages soon.

If you have any suggestions/questions/complaints, leave a comment here or contact an admin.

Edit: Just realized that I didn't say anything about New Game! news. Whoops.

Anyways, we celebrated Hifumi's and Momiji's birthday last month. New Game!! Festival!! was also held a while back, along with a new mini-album and character song released.

I also reduced the background transparency slightly. Hopefully, the text will be more legible.