Co-workers Edit

Aoba Suzukaze Edit

Aoba is Yun's Kouhai. Aoba is the reason that Yun changes her perspective and starts working harder.

Takkimoto Hifumi Edit

Hajime Shinoda Edit

Yun is easily annoyed by Hajime, with conflicts usually ending in friendly banter. The two are very close to the point that Yun's younger siblings call Hajime "onee-chan".

Ahagon, Umiko Edit

Superiors Edit

Ko Yagami Edit

Kou is Yun's superior. She usually asks Yun to design cool looking monsters for FS3. Yun thinks highly of Kou to the point that she thinks that no one can beat her in character design contests, until Aoba managed to.

Touyama Rin Edit

Hazuki, Shizuku Edit